Gilding Atelier, Joseph Youss Kadri, Mater Gilder

Joseph Youss Kadri's expertise includes: Preservation, restoration of gesso on wood, shades, waxes, cutting of precious woods, lacquers, polychrome, sizing and preparation, painting on furniture, patinas (wax and oil process), and French polishing. Ornamental gilding with fine gold leaf on furniture, paneling, antique and new frames, Anaglyptic and leather. Water process gilding, bonds, embossing and patinas. Oil process gilding on all materials.

As an apprentice and for the following 15 years, Mr. Kadri perfected his art on prestigious projects such as Le Louvre, Versailles Castle in France, the Ronald Reagan Library, the chapel of the US Naval Academy, as well as private and public buildings including the Mary Rinehart Mansion in Pittsburgh. He is "Compagnon Doreur", member of the Society of Gilders in the US and his work is on display at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, PA.


Joseph Youss Kadri
2928 Beechwood Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
412 521 2263

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