Red Clay Tile Works

Red Clay Tile Works is a design and production studio specializing in hand made ceramic tile. The principals, Anders and Eileen Anderson have background and training in art, design, ceramics and sculpture and have worked in architectural tile since 1980. They have the ability to refine and translate a client's ideas into an original installation design complimentary to its environment taking into account the colors, textures and styles in the surrounding area.

The artists have a large collection of original molds and dies that they have made in the course of 25 years of designing and producing custom tile installations. New tools and molds are made as necessary to fulfill the needs of a project. Most jobs include tiles formed using a number of techniques including press molding, extrusion and direct modeling. Red Clay Tile Works uses a harmonious palette of over 30 glazes of their own formulation. Field tile colors are applied by a dipping process. Accents and areas of detail are carefully glazed by hand using a selection of compatible colors.

Consider Red Clay Tile Works for focal point projects. Ceramic tile is a durable, maintenance free material that may also be vehicle for stylistic and artistic expression. Signed artistic installations will add value and will continue to appreciate and will continue to be appreciated.


Red Clay Tile Works
75 Meade Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15202
412 734 2222

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