Paul Means, Muralist

Drawing is the foundation of any work of art. Leonardo said, "Not a day with out a line." I try to follow that axiom. Knowing since I was five I wanted to be an artist, I have taken a circuitous route to get here.

My career has taken me through many different disciplines. I started as a sign painter in the Air Force. After leaving the Air Force, I studied at Ivy School of Professional Art in Pittsburgh, PA, where I learned that, in order to draw, you must first learn to truly see. With the instructors' help, I developed my skills. Upon graduation, I started work at a church decorating company. This is where I first learned to glaze, marbleize, woodgrain, gild, and set mosaic tile. Working with a team of artists, I learned how to handle large scale projects. I then started with a commercial painting contractor. Since 1983, I have been working on my own.

I love the challenge of mural work. Taking a client's thought or vision and pushing it till I can give them just what they are looking for, is very rewarding. The process involves many preliminary drawings and revisions. My reference library helps if an historical or period look is the client's objective.

I work in oil or acrylic for large scale murals which can be painted directly on the wall. I can also paint on rolls of primed canvas in my studio and install the mural with wallpaper adhesive with no seams. I think of permanence when I do a mural and can also use commercial paints to suit the location, such as a bathroom or kitchen.

Sometimes you do not need to paint an entire wall. Maybe an object or two will do. This would be a great time to consider Tromp L'Oeil, which means "to fool the eye." Examples may be seen on this site. The drapery on the steps and the painted objects on the shelves with the leaded glass look are two examples.

My work has taken me out of state and even to the Bahamas. If you are looking for original and unique art for your home, I will be able to design and execute your vision to the highest standards.


Paul Means
228 East Fulton Street
Butler, PA 16001
724 287 1057

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