Lucas Markantone Painting and Decoration

Quality, Integrity, Honesty and Hard Work built the foundation of Markantone Painting. Established in 1958 by Samuel Markantone and now carried on by his son Lucas Markantone, the business has grown to be a well respected company with a tradition of genuine concern for our customers.

It's not every day we paint our homes or businesses and one should choose a reliable painting contractor with proven results; a contractor who will take the time to get to know their customer and understand their particular painting requirements. To each new customer we bring with us the wealth of over 45 years of painting expertise. We consider every job an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to quality, fine craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Regardless of the task, our tradesmen have the experience, the knowledge and the careful attention to detail to approach and master even the most difficult project.


Lucas Markantone Painting & Decoration
1202 Electric Avenue
East Pittsburgh PA 15112
412 825 8001

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