Kelly Art Glass Co.

As the owner of Kelly Art Glass Co., I provide the community with over 25 years of experience as a professional glassworker. I'm happy to offer my cflients not only expert craftsmanship, but original artwork and design services as well. Special techniques, such as beveling, sandblasting, etching and glass painting are all at hand.

Many years of experience in virtually all segments of the stained glass market, (residential, commercial and liturgical), have broadened the array of skills available to my clients. Installation and removal services are also provided by Kelly Art Glass. New construction includes designing and building windows to match missing stained glass elements in older homes.

Pennsylvania has a wealth of "old" glasswork, much of it made by America's premier glass workers. We always welcome the opportunity to use our skills to help preserve the works of our predecessors.


Kelly Art Glass Co.
28 Beckert Street
Pittsburgh PA, 15209
412 821 4449

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